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Working with purpose, actually is new for me. I have been in the field of Relationship Marketing for over 30 years I doing well, still working, however I was missing something, called Purpose.

According to some philosophies, Purpose is central to a good human life. Helen Keller wrote that happiness comes from fidelity to a worthy purpose.

I also believe that health and wealth are just the beginning. True meaning comes from sharing our talents and blessings with the world for generations to come

Let me explained to you about Relationship Marketing is a form of direct marketing which is primarily concerned with the organization of a sales network as well as the promotion of a certain product.

The general structure of a network marketing company is designed to create a marketing and sales campaign by compensating associates of the company’s products for sales they generate in addition to the sales of other associates they introduce to the company.

Associates are encouraged to create a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation, as each Associate usually obtains a percentage of each person’s sales in his/her down line.

In contrast to a franchise where only one company opens new branches, in network marketing, each independent associate business owner can open a network business with low financial investment and very little risk.

The main responsibilities of a net-worker are to organize the network, sell product, and recruit more members for their down line. There is very little monetary investment which makes this type of business perfect for all types of individuals including single parents and low income families.

A good network marketing company must start with a high quality product. A unique selling point is also important, as many companies have a similar marketing strategy and a similar product.A health and wellness company that gives you the opportunity to enhance and change your life and the lives of others with nutritional products that have clinically proven health benefits.

In addition to a good product, a prosperous network marketing company should also share the wealth with its members and distributors through a carefully constructed compensation plan. For instance, have a well-constructed compensation plan that is easy to understand with easy-to-obtain bonuses .

While many companies have a decent product and a fair compensation plan, most multi-level marketing companies lack working with purpose.

Product, prosperity and working with purpose are the three key ingredients in a successful network marketing company. not only employs these ingredients, but works to create a positive atmosphere in order to help its members as well as children all over the world.

I hoped you enjoy this page about working with purpose.

Here is my Purpose, My why?
My core desire.

My purpose in life is to play a better role  as a leader in the Relationship Marketing Field ( this is me.)

Each one of us has a unique  opportunity to impact others. (this is you.)

One of the greatest legacies we can leave,(I`m 75 ) is a sense of purpose ( the why.)  and responsibility with solid principles  and make this world a better place not only for ourselves, but for future generations.(your grandsons, your great grandsons).

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