Relieving Constipation Basics Steps.

Relieving constipation is a must for your overall health and happiness, natural constipation relief it need to be a priority if is your case.

Many years ago I had a big problem with constipation, but I believed that nothing is incurable, it was very very bad, some times last me 3 or more days, now the problem was when I have to go to the bathroom Oh my God, was terrible.

Here I put together some basics steps for relieving constipation.

1.Drink 10 to 20 oz of pure water first thing in the morning for fast results. Getting plenty of liquids washes waste and toxins out of your body. Water is the best drink for relieving constipation and overall health.

2. Have in the morning for breakfast some Large Flake Oats mixed them with one apple and some drops of Pure Maple Syrup in a bowl of milk or just water( I prefer milk) Also a good fiber supplement in the morning will be very good (with plenty of water), works very well.

3. Avoid animal fats and trans foods. Reduce foods that cause constipation, such as cheese, ice cream, whole milk, fatty meats, sugar processed foods and pastries. And eat more essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 fish oil.

4.Eliminate as much stress as possible. Don`t watch the news, get away from toxic people and take the time to maintain a positive gratitude attitude, do exercise such as walking, and get plenty of rest at least seven to eight hours.

5. Improve your digestion. Don`t go to fast food restaurants and bring your own lunch. If your digestion is poor, take enzymes or probiotics with your meals eating an orange after your last meal will also help, by the way I learned that from a Chinese friend.

6. Make time for healthy elimination at home will be better. Be sure to establish good elimination habits. Don`t do it in a rush take your time read some good books not the newspaper and listen some good music. Don`t worried just be happy.

7. Get healthy. For optimum nutrition, you may need to take some nutritional supplements. So add an all natural health supplement to your diet. And since many medications constipate, work to get yourself healthy enough that you don't need drugs.

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