Obesity and overweight natural health solutions.

This page is dedicated to obesity and overweight health problems and proven natural health solutions . It is now a fact that obesity and overweight are closely linked together.

Medical doctors have found that sixty different diseases are associated with overweight and obesity. This can explain why weight loss is becoming more and more a real challenge to our society.

In fact, weight loss is a key factor that cannot be ignored now that we know for sure that sixty percent (60%) of the population is overweight and twenty four percent (24%) obese. Overweight and obesity is the next target to recover health.

Moreover, this situation affects teenagers and even young kids. America is ranking first for overweight and obesity worldwide. It is a major concern and weight loss will require for many years to come social policies and programs to stop and reverse this scourge of society like we did for smoking.

This is no secret that massive action is required to achieve this weight loss goal for Americans. This problem needs to be tackled on many fronts.

For example, the State of Arkansas has prohibited fast food in the public schools and there is also a requirement to measure the body mass of all students and the results have to be sent to the parents every year.

This action program has had a direct impact on weight loss so far and was reduce from 20.9 % to 20.6% and has also stopped the progression.

In New Orleans, a study has shown that the body mass of Americans eating five to six times a week in fast food restaurants is higher than those eating twice a week in those places. This is another proof that fast food is a major barrier to weight loss and a sure way to obesity and overweight.

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Since obesity and overweight are so closely linked, it must be a concern for all of us to reach a proper healthy weight and to maintain it. This is a must if we want to prevent.

For example, heart disease, which has now an important death rate affecting one American out of six. Heart disease, which, in most cases, is connected , one way or another, to overweight and obesity.

Obesity has also an economic impact. For example, American Airlines have a fuel consumption exceeding 600,000 millions gallons just because of this problem. Just imagine the impact on environment.

The whole situation requires major changes in our life styles. Weight loss is not only a struggle for better life but is as well a necessity for better health and wellness.

Weight loss is the result of better food intake and more exercise. Weight loss will necessitate important changes in our environment and these changes have to be dealt with for the next generations to come.

The quantity of industrial processed food and the food additives will also have to be addressed if we want to achieve this common weight loss goal. It is not only a dream but an absolute necessity.

Learn more here about how your body can heal cancer naturally. Since it is a proven fact now that overweight and obesity is the root of many diseases, it is a must for all of us to remove the excess fat from our bodies in order to regain health.

Weight loss requires action from each one us in relation to better food intake, exercise and removing toxins from the body.

Sources Gilles Coulombe B.A. B.LL D.S.A.
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