Benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet.

What Is the Master Cleanse Diet? 

The Master Cleanse diet is a liquid diet used to detoxify the body and promote weight loss. Stanley Burroughs created it in 1941. He proclaimed that the liquid cleanse was a healthy and natural way to flush the body of deadly toxins, pesticides, and other impurities. It was originally intended to treat ulcers and act as a detox.

Well a nutritional cleanse or a master cleanse diet "is basic for elimination of every kind of disease.

According to Stanley Burroughs book`s "The Master Cleanser - with Special Needs and Problems."

As we eliminate and correct one disease, we correct them all, for every disease is corrected by the same process of cleansing and building positive good health".

Is something to a human body oil change. People would never consider driving their car, decade after decade, without changing the oil,

Yet there is no concept in our culture for the need to do this to our own body.

Nothing comes close — not drugs, surgery, vitamin pills, supplements, expensive therapy, whatever to its potential for cellular repair.

A nutritional cleansing builds a foundation of health and vitality that will bring excellent benefits for the rest of your life that most people will only dream of.


You are about to begin an incredible health journey to help rid your body of unwanted impurities while infusing it with vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Deep Cleanse

Drink 4 oz. distilled water and add a few drops of lemon juice 4 times per day,

Take 2 Univera's Thermogenic helps to do two things; increase thermogenesis and support the utilization of fat for fuel.* twice daily

EveryDay Cleanse

Drink one to two ounces of Univera`s Aloe Select® Mango before a meal, up to three times a day or as needed.  when you wake up and at bedtime.

Be sure to drink 8+ glasses of water and get 20+ minutes of exercise every day

Wow, so simple I just wonder why doctors don’t just put it this way. I also found out that most doctors only have about 2 hours worth of toxins education in their training and most of them don't have a clue as to the signs and symptoms of toxins or what is a homemade colon cleanse or a free colon cleanse recipe and end up giving you the wrong diagnostic.

“Lemon juice enhances the purification qualities of distilled water, helps increase the body pH, and gives it a refreshing flavor. I also suggest that you cook in distilled water, not only because of the health benefits (foods absorb the water they’re cooked in) but also you’ll notice a greatly improved flavor.”

Excerpted from Vivian Goldschmidt’s book, The Missing Link Copyright © 2011 Save Our Bones, Vivian Goldschmidt.

The info I've found I hope will help others end their suffering and needlessly unhealthy lives through education on this topic, of course other benefits are better sleep, more energy, feel awake.

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