Is the Low Carb High Fat Diet?
A Mantra or Myth?

Nutritionists say avoid extremes and seek dietary balance in a low carb high fat diet in an article on ABC news, March 10, 2006

In the fight against fat, Noreen is a battle-scarred veteran.She will start every day with a smile and get it over with.

As W.C. Fields will says.For most of her life she has struggled to lose weight with one low-fat diet after another. Noreen, 46, did lose weight, imagine her relief but, guess what she always gained it back.

In the past year alone she has regained 50 pounds. No wonder she's thrown in the towel and is now trying a diet that seems sinful. It's called low carb high fat diet means high in fat and low in carbohydrates.(that means no rice, pasta, potatoes or bread) I guess for me will be no good, because I love potatoes( by the way do you know that potatoes are originally from Chile)

Low Carb - Carbs are an important energy source, so these diets are not the best choice if you want to start exercising. These diets tend to be swimming with saturated fat and deficient in nutrients. Low carb diets restrict the amount of fruits and vegetables you can eat, even though many of these foods contain photo-chemical.

Low carb high fat diet. That are known to reduce the risk of disease (not to mention the vitamins, minerals, and fiber you will be cutting out of your diet). If you decide to go low-carb, look for a diet that allows you to eat a sufficient amount of low carb vegetables and fruits, and contain 'healthy' fats like fish and nuts.

But to do this, she's had to get over years of brainwashing that says fat is bad. You have to de-program yourself to thinking in a different way, that maybe something else is going to work.

Noreen is part of a diet revolution that is sweeping the country. That's because for the past 30 years, while Americans have been religiously following low-fat diets, they've actually been getting fatter.

But What If Fat Doesn't Make You Fat? asks science writer Gary Taubes in a recent Front Lines.Diets Wars interview in which he addresses what he considers the bad science that's lured millions to low-fat diets.

Taubes told also to 20/20 in an interview with ABCNEWS medical editor Dr. Timothy Johnson. What we believe to be true with such certainty could just be a sort of mass delusion, wishful thinking that the medical establishment inflicted on us, and it just snowballed,

A Myth in the Making.

"The theory was that a low-fat/high-carb diet would control weight and help prevent killer diseases. But most of the studies that followed actually failed to show a direct link between fat in the diet and heart disease and cancer.

But by then it was too late — even science couldn't shake the prevailing wisdom that all fats are bad, and all carbs are good," explained Johnson. By investigating the genesis of this theory, Taubes found that the government's initial decision 30 years ago to promote low-fat diets was not based on recommendations from doctors or scientists, but rather from lawyers who worked for Sen. George McGovern in the mid-1970s.

They come out with this document and it just sets this ball rolling where finally some government body is telling Americans to eat less fat and eat more carbohydrates, Taubes said. With the release of the government's "Food Pyramid" in the early 1990s, it was official: the low-fat/high-carb diet was America's food plan instead of a low carb high fat diet.

At the pyramid's base are the foods considered the staple of the healthy low-fat diet: refined carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, rice and pasta. At the narrow top — indicating that they should be used sparingly, if at all: fats and oils.

In the meantime, there's plenty of compelling evidence to do the following, advised Johnson. Get rid of the refined starches and sugars … eat more vegetables and fruit,drink a lot of water, because water can help your body to naturally release harmful impurities of your body, eat lean protein and healthy fats. You'll lose weight and feel better and may reduce your risk for heart disease.

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