by Mike P. Ciell, R. Ph.
(Largo, Fl)

Karl Jurak's genius, like that of many great healers in medical history, lay in the fact that he viewed the human body as a coordinated system.Karl understood that these seemingly very different afflictions had their root cause in a single “systems malfunction” and his brilliant creation, is the result of that understanding.

It is such a marvelously complex, multifunctional product that a detailed pharmaceutical analysis would require a large text to do it justice.

This Canadian mineral supplement does not order the body to do anything nor are we claiming it does.It supports the body and its various organ systems with nutrients so it is able to perform its various tasks more efficiently.

It does not block, bind, or inhibit receptors or enzyme systems… it lets the body remain in control of its functions. It follows Hippocrates’ tenants of “Let your food be your medicine” and “First, do no harm.” Proof, how many of the new “wonder drugs” can boast a track record of twenty-seven years of safety and millions of satisfied consumers?

Taking our Canadian mineral supplement readies our bodies to receive food; makes digestion much easier and more complete and enhances the assimilation of the nutrients released by the digestive process. Remember all of this was accomplished by taking the proper food – a small amount of bitter herbs (dandelion, gentian, horehound and thyme) contained in this preparation.

Our bodies do not waste energy; if something is not deemed necessary, it won't be made – simple as that! Again, I believe this illustrates wonderfully Canadian mineral supplement’s mechanism of action. It does not treat constipation, indigestion, reflux or anything else. It merely supports the entire digestive and elimination processes and allows the body to carry out all its many functions safely and efficiently.

Some of the herbal components of Canadian mineral supplement are regarded historically as “blood purifiers” - notably sarsaparilla. Modern science tells us this notion of "blood purifiers" is nothing but alchemists' nonsense

The herbs angelica, passion flower, licorice, and celery seed all exhibit mild anticoagulant activities. Together these properties are somewhat additive and the overall effect is to help the blood flow normally.

Now as a pharmacist, I must tell you taking Canadian mineral supplement with one of the above mentioned medications is not a contra-indication (meaning you absolutely cannot take both). However it would be prudent and highly recommended that you mention your intention to take this product with your health care professional.

The four minerals contained init are potassium, calcium, iron, and iodine.

Decreased oxygenation can have profound effects on many disease states such as chronic wounds, chronic infection, diabetes and may foster an environment conducive to carcinogenesis. The addition of this Canadian preparation to these patient's regimens could greatly improve their symptoms of indigestion and also help enhance proper acid / base balance leading to improved oxygenation. As a pharmacist, I would highly recommend the use of this unique Canadian mineral supplement be considered in this patient population.


Of all the trace elements necessary for optimal health, iodine is arguably one of the most important yet one of the least understood. You hear things like: "Iodine is poisonous, be careful it will shut down your thyroid!" The paradoxes surrounding this vital element are abundant in our society today. Iodine is so important the government recommends that salt producers supplement their products with it.

Iodine also helps all the secretory glands and organs of the body in exactly the same way. It helps keep their secretions thin and fluid. Therefore the salivary glands, the lacrimal glands (tear producing glands of the eye), as well as organs such as the pancreas, the ovaries and breast tissues in females, the testes and prostate in men, plus the thyroid, and adrenals all function more efficiently when there is sufficient iodine present. Karl Jurak's brilliance of combining iodine with the bitter herbal components and underscores his complete understanding of the body as a whole, integrated system.

As a pharmacist, I can not think of one product the can do so much for the entire body as this Canadian mineral supplement. I have seen many people spend hundreds of dollars buying supplements (many of questionable quality) to treat a laundry list of complaints. At our clinic, Dr. Young and I try to get to the root cause of our patient's chronic problems. This unique product has been a mainstay in our therapies and in helping us achieve our successful outcomes. I heartily recommend its daily use by everyone!

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