Home Based Business Opportunity

by Ondina Rodriguez

Ariel was introduced to this company in August 1985. He remembers it was a very hot day and He didn't really want to go to a meeting that evening. However, the moment He walked into the meeting room saw Karl Jurak. Who was 81 years old , but he looked 50 and that got his attention. He told me how impressed He was by his appearance and He thought to himself thatI wanted to look like him at that age well today Ariel is 68 years old

He still remember tasting the "preparation" as Karl called it. It tasted like herbs and roots mixed together and He could not understand how they were going to market it, yet alone impact the world with this product. But there was magic in the room that night and He decided to follow his instincts.

Ariel told me that after listening to Karl and Robert talk about the "preparation" with so much faith and conviction, He decided to become a Distributor and help them "Impact World Health.”
He received $5,000 in his first six months and the last 25 years have been extremely lucrative with more than a million dollars in royalties.(Where is the money?..honey?) In 1993, He became part of the I.T.T. (International Training Team) and He was the first Distributor to go on a mission to “Impact World Health.”

In February, 1994 they sent him to Mexico for 3 weeks where I met him, I was also a Distributor in Acapulco and six months later we got married in Montreal So, as you can see my love for my husband and this preparation are forever.

One of the things I love is travel and this company has paid our way for plenty of trips to exotic places over the years. The trip to Greece for the 16th Anniversary was a dream come true.

If we had a chance to start over again, we would still choose a home based business opportunity The reason is that is different from others type of business because They concentrate on the mission to helping others and not solely on commission. What I mean is that a lot of times in our case we just give products away for people to sample.

A lot of times when they are ordering products, we include a free sample it works for us. Ariel got in the habit of always sponsoring people with a case and a kit because He firmly believes that if you and your family can get on this product, you will become very healthy. You need to have products on hand so you can share them with your loved ones.

Because this is the answer to many health problems we see today, if you can get people to take this preparation for 3 months, they will be on it for life. You can’t believe how many people and animals we have seen get better when they used it on a regular basis.

Invest in your own health and you never will be disappointed.

With our residual income, bright future, and the story behind our company, we are unbeatable.

We take the products everyday and we talk to people about this preparation.

According to economic advisor Paul Zane Pilzer, author of the New York Times Best-Seller The Next Millionaires the trend is raising. "Home-based businesses are one of the fastest growing segments in our economy, and that trend will only continue, as the age of the corporation now gives way to the age of the entrepreneur,"

Pilzer says. In today`s world, working for yourself or a small company is actually a safer route, and working for a large corporation has become the riskier proposition.

People love the benefits of working for themselves, and they enjoy the freedom they gain from designing their own prosperity. No more long commutes; no more bosses controlling their incomes; no more office politics. Best of all, you don`t have to sacrifice time with your family to provide for them.

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May 28, 2011
como adquirir
by: jorge fernandez del campo

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