Healthy diets for teenagers:
a balanced diet will do it!.

Ensuring a healthy diets for teenagers it is balanced is crucial for their health. Teenagers go through many changes, and it's vital their diets keep pace with this development.

During puberty and physical development, a healthy diets for teenagers it need to be a well balanced diet to ensure that their development is sufficient fueled and allowed to take its natural course.

During the teenage years it is important to ensure a correct balance between the carbohydrates, fats and proteins as a healthy diets for teenagers

You should ensure that a major component of every meal is carbohydrate. Complex carbohydrates like pasta, give a steady release of energy throughout the day, helping fend off tiredness and stave hunger until mealtimes.

It is thought that around 40% of every meal should consist of carbohydrates, which should provide the bulk of daily calorie content.

In addition to that, it is important to include proteins and fats. Meats, fish, vegetables, eggs, dairy products – they are all essential parts of a healthy diets for teenagers a well balanced diet and should be included as far as possible in the daily diet, making up the remaining 60% of every meal also is important a vegetable blend – including cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli in their diets daily.

A potential problem can arise in the teenage years when political activism and social concern begin to develop, in the form of becoming a vegetarian.

It is important that you respect the wishes of your child, and allow their intellectual development to take its course without interfering too much, but it is also crucial that you explain the problems this causes in terms of health.

When trying to counteract the lack of meat, it is important to choose a balance of grains and vegetables, and try to offer fish as a necessary alternative.

It is also important to ensure that you are not too restrictive in your dietary selection for your teenager, and it is crucial to remain ‘on side’ to prevent resentment setting in.

Resentment can be fatal to your attempts to promote a healthier lifestyle, so it is crucial that you try to remain fair, and consider the views of your teenager when working with your dietary plan.

A healthy, balanced diet is not too tricky a goal to reach. With some careful consideration and variety and depth, you can keep meals interesting while is ensuring they are covering all the bases as far as nutrients are concerned.

It is also important to talk to your teenager, and let him or her know that you are their in support all the way, without being patronizing, and let them know the importance of keeping rigidly to a healthy balanced diet, combined with a course of exercise for a healthier lifestyle.

Keep your teenager in mind throughout the whole process, and remember being a teen is difficult enough, so go easy on them, but make sure they appreciate a balanced diet and its importance for general health.

Other key points to a healthy diet for teenagers include:,

  • Always eat breakfast. Make sure to include some kind of protein for continued energy. It would be even better to also include some complex carbohydrates and a piece of fruit or fruit juice.
  • Encourage healthy eating at lunch by talking with your kids about the healthy choices available at school or in the fast food restaurants around school.
  • If your child brown-bags it, load them up with fruit, veggies, complex carbs and lean protein. Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks in the house for after-school munchies. If your child is home alone after school, make a list of suggested healthy snacks to hang on the fridge.
  • Eat supper together as a family as often as possible. Yes, this is difficult when everyone's schedule is crazy, but research has shown that teens who eat with their families tend to have healthier diets when they're older. They also smoke and drink less than other kids, and girls who have regular family meals have less incidence of eating disorders.
  • Remember to make supper healthy as well. It may be the only meal you have any control over, so make it count with good lean protein (remember the vegetable sources of protein as well), whole grains, a couple of vegetables and, if you want dessert, something fruit-basedfor a healthy diets for teenagers

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