Healthy Diet Tip on the
Oprah Winfrey television show.

Some times it seems estrange to talk about losing weight in a healthy diet. You see to lose weight,(I’m talking about a healthy weight loss) a person must have calorie counting diet,a healthy plan to both lower their calorie intake and increase their energy expenditure (burn more calories) by increasing physical activity, such as running, cycling. walking, kind of healthy diet for athletes,(personally I found this is the best)

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By the way, this is the way I do my healthy daily diet. First thing in the morning I drink an ounce of a cleansing formula with superior-quality Aloe vera juice and herbal teas, with an ounce of water, because I noted that assist my body in its natural ability to remove waste. I wait 45 minutes to an hour to have a coffee and then just as in The Secret French Diet, Mireille Guliano author of the best seller Click here to watch French Women Don't Get Fat in the Oprah TV.Show said "In France, we love food and we enjoy food; food is pleasure."

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Only have 1 or 2 meals well balanced, but most important don’t eat absolutely nothing, between those meals, means no coffee breaks.

I suggest one or two glasses of wine or water (I prefer red Chilean wine) with my main course. By the way you may use some healthy high delicious protein snacks if you are in a rush or you don’t have time to sit down.

Also is important to have your meals three hours before going to sleep.

I know some times is very hard to do it but the benefits are great.It took me very long time to figure out but that’s an easy way to do it. I also found that my quality of life improves remarkably, enough to anticipate a longer life

Of course it is not the same for everybody, but what about if you do try and get results you will be a healthy man just like me.

If you have any children going to school will be a good idea to prepare some healthy snacks for them. They should avoid food and canned juices at school cafeterias. In this way they naturally will learn the benefits of healthy food and also to eliminate toxins out of their bodies.

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