Get More Energy By Sleeping Better

A comment I often hear from my friends and family:  I do not need much sleep .  A consequence of the sentence is often repeated:  Not enough time to sleep.   As gently as I can, I have breaking news that adequate rest is refreshing and essential health. a source of abundant energy .


Sleep deprivation is some of the reasons why so many people are suffering from heart disease, diabetes and obesity, among other chronic diseases. Recent research has evidence that eight hours a night is provided optimal for cell renewal, and yet, 71 percent of Americans deprived according to a study less than that, and sleep . Much of our sleep deficit was run by choice - people do not want to turn off the lights. But insomnia is also increasing. A national study found the price of the deal to $ 14 billion.


Most people probably do not have the time to catch up on sleep for a nap in the middle of the day (God the cultures that encourage nap bless), but you can make adjustments to your lifestyle to improve the quantity and quality of regenerative night's sleep.

I will list some shares - non-pharmaceutical - very simple and practical methods to improve sleep. Before you attempt should talking to your doctor if you have less than seven hours a night, or if you feel tired on average. Snoring, stress, heartburn, and chronic pain can disrupt all the rest and can cause symptoms of serious health problems.

Good bedding.

A German study in 2001 found that a medium firm pillow has significantly improved sleep ( firmer no benefit ) . In short, a pillow should support the head, not to bury him.


The pillows often allergies, contribute affect breathing. The source of allergens can be filled (allergies are rare) or mites. I recommend renting a hypoallergenic pillows and protective foam block dust mites. You should take your pillows in the dryer every few months to dust mites to kill and replace every two years.


If you are in the market for a mattress , Consumer Reports found that people who spent 15 minutes in a test in the store, spend at least five minutes on each side , especially in its Lieblingsschlafpositionzu were so satisfied and those who are allowed to go home beds for a sleep test .



The exposure of persons to sleep especially for the full-spectrum lights (10,000 lux fluorescent lamps ) for 30 minutes designed robbed in the early morning hours , scientists have helped to bed early and sleep through to get more. One theory is that regular exposure to light of the morning triggers a release of the cheapest night melatonin, the hormone that your body clock keeps on a regular basis so that you feel sleepy at night and sleep through night.


Light therapy can work wonders for people who have difficulty sleeping before midnight and are slow to work in the morning. For severe insomnia, it is best to work with a sleep specialist to develop a treatment program commit every morning , which usually requires that you get up early. But if you are ill, it is worth a try.


Dark therapy

Scientists who found the connection to the light melatonin that the spectrum of blue light can be altered circadian rhythms to stay awake. Exposure to blue light at night, which is emitted by computers, televisions, and digital clocks can wreak havoc with your body clock. Keep dark at night, and cover all the digital clock reads your entire room or home DVD player.

Behavioral therapy

Here is the catch -22: the obsession with not getting enough sleep can prevent adequate sleep. It is so common that therapists have a protocol for behavior modification that has been proven to work 70 to 80 percent of the time, if that's the case develops.


The exercise is as follows: Go to bed only when sleepy, get up and when you can not sleep within 20 minutes. Avoid nonsleep activities in bed (watching television, eating, planning or problem solving) . Up at the same time every morning. On unrealistic expectations of sleep each night closed fists Do not concentrate, and do not try to blame insomnia for all the problems of the day. And catastrophizing (imagine the bad things to happen after a bad night's sleep)



Because studies show that acupuncture helps balance neurotransmitters (the highest levels of the wellness hormones endorphins, for example) , there is a logic for use in promoting relaxation , resulting in a better quality of results dream . Chinese acupuncture successfully used for thousands of years to treat insomnia, but this effect has not been adequately studied in controlled trials in Western medicine.  Acupuncture can  part of a comprehensive approach to insomnia.


And if they do not...

While adjustments in lifestyle such as diet, exercise and stress management are the most important to improve sleep , dietary supplements can provide transitional support to improve drug dream does not make sense , until you can do these changes. So check with your doctor.



It is the principal hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Melatonin levels in the body increase just before falling asleep and waive all night, at one point, about two hours before you wake low. (Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that enhances the restorative function of sleep.) , Studies show that the consumption of hormone supplements can help reset the biological clock, which is why it is used to relieve jet lag. Melatonin may also seek help and sleep sleepy an hour ahead: Take 1 to 3 mg two to three hours before the desired sleep. Remember: Although melatonin may help normalize sleep patterns, it is not a sleeping pill .


Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

Flowering plant valerians in the vicinity you can outweigh get a herbal sleeping tablet Tender calming powers of chamomile. Research suggests that the components of valerian root influence on the enzyme systems that control the levels of the neurotransmitters responsible for sleepiness. (Due to the sedative effect of valerian should not be taken into account before driving or operating machinery. ) Try 400 to 600 milligrams per hour or two before bedtime.


L -Theanine

This amino acid, which can be found in most stores supplement helps to reduce tension and stress. I often recommend the L- theanine in combination with other treatments for insomnia. Typical dosage is 300 mg per day.

My personal recomendation is this product that I use every night and contains, Melatonin, Theanine, Chamomile, Lemmon Balm, Melisse and Valeriane and it is in a form of spray  that you can apply 10 or 15 minutes before going to sleep.


Your first paragraph ...

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