Fruit nutrition facts

Fruit has been an important part of the human diet for as long as mankind has walked the earth. The nutritional value of fruit is fairly vast, and it is believed by many that we can actually thrive as a race on fruit alone because of the nutritional value – as long as we are eating the right fruits, and if we throw a few good nuts into the diet to absorb the protein that we need.

Nutrition Information for Raw Fruits
Nutritional Value of Fruits. While different fruits contain different nutritional value, the most important things to seek out in the fruit that you select for your diet include vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and E. The fruit should also contain natural sugar, protein, fiber, water, and energy, also known as calories. Most fruits do not contain any fat at all, but if this is needed in your situation, you need to seek out those fruits that do contain fat. Not all fruits contain all of these nutrients.

The High Energy Fruits.

If your diet consists mainly of fruits, you definitely need to be seeking out the fruits that have the highest calorie content per serving, which may also be referred to the fruits energy. It is important to note that most fruit, in its natural state is very low in calories, and if you are not including other types of food in the diet, you should be prepared to eat a great deal of fruit in order to get the calories that your body requires for energy. Dates have the highest number of calories per serving, of all fruits that we know of.

Highest Energy Fruit

The highest energy fruit is the date. Dates contain approximately 300 calories per 100 grams. Dates are dried fruit – this means that they contain less water than other fruits, giving them a high density level. This is why they are so concentrated. Furthermore, as dates are dried fruit, they do not contain any juices. Juices are what contain vitamins. Dates are also very detersive. Dates should not be treated any different to candy. Eat dates in moderation.

Satisfying Fruits.

Because of the nutritional value of fruits, not all fruits will satisfy your hunger, regardless of how much of it you eat. Overall, research has shown that berries leave us feeling the most satisfied, in terms of hunger, but they are not the healthiest choice when it comes to fruits. The healthiest fruit, in terms of nutrients provided is the guava, and although the date has the highest number of calories per serving, neither of these fruits are as satisfying to the digestive system as berries are.

When it is all said and done, you really cannot go wrong with a good diet of fruits, as long as you are adding nuts for good measure. However, if you do include nuts, you must limit these as they usually are quite high in calories. Make sure that you are getting just enough, for the protein value, without over doing it.

The Healthiest Fruit

The healthiest, most balanced fruit that is readily available to us is the guava. Full of flavor the guava is actually, quite unnoticeable, made up of more than four-fifths water. Guavas are high-energy and highly capable of being served for lunch without being considered a “light meal.” Guavas are full of your necessary daily vitamins, containing more than double your daily Vitamin C intake. You won’t regret sinking your teeth into a guava.

Satisfy Your Stomach

Ultimately, a high volume of berries will not leave you hungry. Berries also contain antioxidants, which help reduce the harmfulness of dangerous oxidants found within the human body. Olives will also help to leave your stomach satisfied. A large quantity of small fruits is the best way to go about ensuring fulfillment. You can never eat too many small fruits.

In conclusion the guava is the healthiest fruit, dates contain the most energy, and berries will give your stomach that satisfactory feeling. All you need to do now is find a balance between eating well and eating healthily.

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