Diet For Healthy Liver.

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Eating healthy foods for the liver can improve and support liver function on a daily basis. Having a healthy liver results in greater energy and general well-being.

A poorly functioning liver can result in tiredness, headaches, bad breath, allergies and intolerances, problem skin and weight gain.By Alison Cassar - 2006-09-07

According to Dr. Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND

Modern society has created a sad state for our over-processed livers. Anytime we overeat or eat processed or fried foods, and, anytime we are exposed to environmental pollutants or stress, the liver becomes overworked and overloaded.

When the liver is taxed, it cant process toxins and fat in an efficient way. There are many foods that can help cleanse the liver naturally by stimulating the natural ability to clean toxic waste from the body.

Makes your toxins easier to excrete.

Then you need to eat more garlic, legumes, onions and eggs—all sulfur-rich foods—enhance sulfating.

For an easier excretion:

Then Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage enhance glutathione conjugation, a complex process of converting fat-soluble toxins to water soluble that will make the trick.

To increases both bile and lipid flow.

Then you need some more Green leafy vegetables which are rich in folic acid, also whole grains and legumes are rich in vitamin B6, and animal products or supplements providing vitamin B12 ensure adequate methylamine, which inactivates estrogens.

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Help your body to eliminate sulfa drugs with Nutritional yeast

Whole grains, cabbage, citrus fruits and peppers which will provide the B vitamins and vitamin C necessary for acetylating.

Also very, very useful in maintaining liver health are: