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Why won't Quizno's Subs post nutrition information online about their entire menu (like burger king nutrition does) ?

A great majority of fast food chains post their entire menu's nutritional information online, no matter if their food is healthy or not. Quizno's only posts their info for their 2 'Lite' sandwiches. What about their salads or chili ??? Any way most people don't know what healthy eating is,with all the diet health myths out there.

Could I actually lose weight eating up to four Burger King Whoppers in a day?

One Burger King Whopper w/o mayonnaise has 510 calories. The average adult requires only 2000 calories a day, so if I times 510 X 4, I'll get 2, 040 calories. I might even lose weight eating like that for a month, huh? Not a bad idea, yes , no, huh? It is possible that if you had four Burger King Whoppers each day for one month, and consumed nothing else each day, you might lose weight, if you also exercised regularly. But that would not be a healthy diet on a long-term basis. Learn here about burger king nutrition facts.. .

How many weight watchers points in the chicken biscuit at burger king?

Go to This website has every restaurant you could imagine!Thanks for the help, I have tried seacrching the nutrition menu but could not find it.

Compare Burger King to McDonalds!?nutrition, style, popularity, everything & other fast food restaurants

Burger KIngs food tastes better, but one whole cots more, and there are about 5 McDonalds for every Burger King I see. So I end up eating alot more at Mc'd's despite liking burger king a whole lot better. Mcdonalds Has Better Fries! So Much Better!But Burger King Has Better Burgers.

Well the two best, and most popular,Burger King is better and more popular than McDonalds. I would rather have Burger King over McDonalds.

Do you think fast food restaurants should have Nutrition Labels?

In some recent studies, some people complain that they are gaining weight from going to places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, etc...well duh! Don't eat fast food! However they think that there should be labels with nutrition information on each product.I think there should be labels.

This will also help for people with food allergies or sensitivities. For instance, some people are highly allergic to peanuts and eggs. It would save them a lot of time asking people what products do not contain these allergens if there were labels on the products.

Also, it is easier to make healthy choices when you actually know what each selection contains. I think they should have labels to better provide a good source of info on how many calories and cholesterol the item has.It would save lots of people from gaining weight and watching what they eat!

Personally I think fast food restaurants should have nutrition labels. It's known fact that you would get fat from eating off from fast food restaurants. With the nutrition labels, any fit interest individuals like myself can enjoy fast food and will be able to remain in shape.

To finish with this burger king nutrition page I will add some good comments, such as good service, always happy, and also most important they provide us with a free internet connection. They are located in Bromont Quebec, Canada and we really appreciated that.

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