The benefits of adaptogens herbs are enormous..

When using these adaptogens herbs on daily basis, scientific studies have shown that humans are able to adapt better and survive longer specially to their daily life stress.

One of the benefits of adaptogens herbs is because they are a unique nutrients. They work at the cellular level to help normalize the body's various functions and stimulate the recovery processes needed to adapt to all types of stress in our lives.

Benefits of adaptogens herbs:

  1. Helps body to “adapt” to stress.
  2. Helps deeper more restful sleep.
  3. Helps balance body systems.
  4. Helps focus and concentration.
  5. helps improve recovery time.
  6. Helps improve (athletic) performance.
  7. Helps improve muscle tone.
  8. Helps increase strength.
  9. Helps increase energy and stamina.

Benefits of adaptogens herbs in athletes:

In a double-blind trial on 140 track and field athletes using Schizandra as the active ingredient, 74% of the test subjects obtained their best results in the 3000-meter run, which is well known as the most stringent test for a runner.

"U.S. champion sprinter Andre Cason's adds adoptegens to his training diet fallowing Loren Seagrave, his coach, after hearing of the Russians' Adaptogens.

No other changes to his training and three months after going on the program, Andre defeated the fastest sprinters in the world, including Carl Lewis -- and became the U.S. champion in the 100-meters.

The chief nutritional advisor to the Russian Olympic teams, Dr. Sergey Portugalov said in 1994 "The world has seen the results at the last four Olympic Games. But until recently our revolutionary discoveries were a closely guarded secret." All of this information explains how adaptogens can be beneficial to athletes.

The metabolic effects of adaptogens continue to be studied and research continues to understand the variety of other chemical reactions inside muscle cells.

Improving the functional maintenance of body systems, with the help of adaptogens, results in an increased level of physiological adaptation resulting in improved focus, stamina, endurance and recovery.

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Staying in peak physical condition requires the right kind of nutrition.

Adaptogens appear to be a safe way to assist your body in responding to stress (i.e. intense training) with little to no known side effects. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to be cognizant of where you are getting these dietary supplements from and the amount of active ingredients in the product.

Being familiar with a company and their product becomes important to ensure truthful labeling and zero cross-contamination between products.

The amount should not exceed recommended doses based upon current research while still providing adequate amounts for efficacy.

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