Balanced healthy diet tips.

This balanced healthy diet tips page is about a new approach to weight loss challenges, so you can avoid Yoyo diets or miracles diets. Some time you may find this method slow for your expectations specially when you want to lose weight fast, however it will be safer and definitely will improve your health.

  1. Balance your meals during the day:
  2. Eat breakfast as a King, lunch as a Prince and a dinner as a Pauper this method will intelligently distribute nutrients in your body during the day.

    Whole foods (oils, cereals), seeds germinated and seedlings (sunflower, watercress ...) Pollen, germ wheat, yeast and algae which by their high concentration of nutrients will satisfied you.

    Eliminate dairy products (cow) and eat only sparingly fresh cheeses (goat and sheep)

    Steamed vegetables can be consumed without restriction and moderate fruit (sugars) always between meals.

    Remove refined sugar and any product containing them.

    Don`t forget to eat quality protein (white meat, fish, eggs, and remember that their deprivation may results in snacking.(just in case here are some more tips to avoid snacking, drink water with lemon, take pollen (hormone balancing) and brush your teeth)

  3. Chew well your food, saliva will create a better digestion and facilitates the work of the respective`s organs.
  4. Moisturize daily your body by drinking 1.5 liters of water.
  5. Drain the main excretory liver and gallbladder with infusions of Thyme, Rosemary, Dandelion and Horseradish.
  6. Seasonal fruits, steamed vegetables or vegetable broth for 3-5 days will be most beneficial.
  7. Think about your intestinal health. A few internal showers will regulate rectal evacuation of surcharges and taking daily Probiotics will balance your flora.
  8. Physical exercise and oxygenation should be monitored daily
  9. Relax and letting go of things out of your control will keep you calm, serenity and your food will digest better.
  10. Massage with essential oils (almond + rosemary, lemon) will strengthen tissues in your body.
  11. The practice of weekly sauna will take care of your circulatory system and steam will eliminate toxins and waste from your body.

This setting is good for everyone but it can be individualized according to each and everyone.

Homeopathic treatment can only enhance its effectiveness. If you are ready and set! Then go for these new resolutions specially on a Balanced Healthy Diet and this setting will delight your health with a positive spirit and without failure or frustration.

Money Spent on Prevention is More Important Than Money Spent on Recovery.

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