Adaptogens children are they safe?
They help our bodies Adapt to stress.....

Adaptogens help our bodies adapt to stress.

We want to know if adaptogens children are they safe?


  • They provide immune support
  • Help the body increase the number of T-cells that boost immune resistance
  • Access additional stamina and endurance
  • Speed up recovery from physical activity
  • Protect vital organs from stress
  • Increase physical and mental work capacity
  • Accelerate the rehabilitative processes
  • Increase the functional reserves of the cardiovascular system
  • Stimulate normal biosynthesis of protein and nucleic acids
  • Provide stress relief
  • Inhibit free-radical oxidation
  • They help cope with all forms of mental physical and emotional stress

Are adaptogens children are they safe? Our answer is yes. Absolutely!

Do you want to be healthy, less stress and sleep better ?

Adaptogens is the answer. They were developed and tested for 45 years by Dr.Israel I. Brekhman and a team of Russian scientists in the former Soviet Union at an estimated cost of $1,000,000,000.

Since then 1,200 scientists in more than 3,000 clinical studies have substantiated the effectiveness of adaptogens on stress relief in tens of thousands of Russian citizens.

These products were developed for the Soviet elite, the cosmonauts and Olympic athletes. They have even been tested for use by children as well as adults. Again, we repeat, adaptogens children are they safe? Yes. Yes

Scientists around the world have studied and many reports confirm that in certain botanical plants which contain adaptogen compounds are beneficial to us.

Adaptogens, how they work?

They enter the picture in a remarkable way. Stress has an impact on us (the human) on the cellular level depriving cells of their energy and supply. When a cell cannot function properly it becomes damaged. At this point the body begins to break down and disease and ageing takes over.

Adaptogens, what they do to our cells?

They work on every cell on the cellular level, making the body strong and healthy. The body is capable of its full potential because it has energy from healthy cells. The cell can return to and adapt to a healthy functioning state. The body will normalize itself and achieve natural balance.

Adaptogens, Anti-Stress, Body-Balancing and Rejuvenator.


Are natural substances found in a few rare plants and herbs that shield the body against the impact of stress - by balancing and harmonizing the body systems.

are not in the food we normally eat. They must be added to the diet through supplementation. They are by definition, natural, safe, and have no side effects.

My self I have been using adaptogens based products since 1985 to help me sleep better,it also help me enhance my mental and physical performance, as well as helping my body manage stress.

Here some adaptogens that I recommend:

  • Wolfberry extract.
  • Ashwaganda.
  • Schizandra extract.
  • Tribula Terrestris extract
  • Sinberian golden root.
  • Siberian ginseng.
  • Rhododendron Caucasicum.
  • Shilajit (Nepali) extract.
  • Maca root.

If you would like to know more about supplements facts on the product that I recommend, please click on the link below.I personally guarantee you are not going to get disappointed. I hope you enjoyed this page about: adaptogens children are they safe?

I strongly recommend it as a vital investment in your long-term health and well-being....

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