Adaptogens and Athletes (ADAPTOGENS IN SPORTS)

Adaptogens and athletes in a double-blind trial on 140 track and field athletes using Schizandra as the active ingredient, 74% of the test subjects obtained their best results in the 3000-meter run, which is well known as the most stringent test for a runner.

"U.S. champion sprinter Andre Cason's adds Adaptogens to his training diet following Loren Seagrave,advise, his coach, after hearing of the Russians'.

No other changes to his training and three months after going on the program,called adaptogens and athletes Andre defeated the fastest sprinters in the world, including Carl Lewis -- and became the U.S. champion in the 100-meters.

The chief nutritional adviser to the Russian Olympic teams, Dr. Sergey Portugalov said in 1994 The world has seen the results at the last four Olympic Games. But until recently our revolutionary discoveries on adaptogens and athletes were a closely guarded secret.

All of this information explains how Adaptogens and athletes can be very beneficial to them.

The metabolic effects of Adaptogens continue to be studied and research continues to understand the variety of other chemical reactions inside muscle cells.

Improving the functional maintenance of body systems, with the help of adaptogens and athletes, results in an increased level of physiological adaptation resulting in improved focus, stamina, endurance and recovery.

In conclusion the application of adaptogens and athletes in all cases promotes the accelerated training process or increase in a level of physiological adaptation, and the steady effect of an after-action is marked.So if one is ready for extreme fitness, here is all there is to know about full body work out.

Adaptogens and Athletes – Olympics Games

Athletes are constantly looking for effective ways to enhance health and performance. They especially need energy, muscle, endurance, and help resisting and defending against stress.

Adaptogens and athletes, go together it have been proved to enhance athletic performance capacity. Through extensive experiments on athletes (especially in Russia), scientists have demonstrat­ed The Benefits of Adaptogens Herbs

And the immediate benefits of adaptogens and athletes include: increased endurance and oxygen intake; shortened recovery time from both training and sports injuries; improvements in pulse rate; reduction of fatigue; favorable influence on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems; and overall better performance.

Adaptogens are natural and safe and are not banned by any international sports organizations. There are no adaptogens on the 2006 list of prohibited substances published by The World Anti-Doping Agency.

Adaptogens Used in the Olympics Games

Adaptogens have been used by many athletes who have participated in Olympic Games. Eleuthero was used by Russian athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games and were used (along with other adaptogens) for the first time at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Cordyceps was used by Chinese athletes during the 1993 Olympic Games in Beijing and Rhodiola was used by Swedish athletes.

Russian scientist and adaptogen pioneer Israel Brekhman formulated a product called Prime One. This product consists of several adaptogenic herbs from Russia, including eleuthero, schisandra, rhaponticum, rhodiola, and licorice.

The success of this formula came in 1996 in the United States by more than 150 American athletes. when it was used at the summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Adaptogens and Athletes. Useful Information for Athletes

All adaptogens have anti-stress qualities that provide stabilizing effects on the neuroendocrine system. All adaptogens help to modulate and enhance the immune system. All adaptogens provide antioxidant nutrients. The following adaptogens are especially useful for athletes:

Eleuthero is used to increase energy and is one of the best adaptogens for athletes under stress. It increases endurance and stamina, enhances mitochondrial activity, speeds recovery, and prevents immune system depletion from excessive training. It can be combined with cordyceps, rhodiola, or schisandra to enhance athletic performance.

Rhodiola increases mitochondrial activity, muscular ATP and creatine levels – resulting in enhanced physical strength and endurance. It also increases blood supply to the brain and muscles.

Asian Ginseng is used in traditional Chinese medicine to restore energy.

Lycium can be eaten daily to strengthen weak muscles and ligaments.

Shilajit provides energy and, translated from Sanskrit, means "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness."

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Consider the following when choosing a fitness facility:

For your new fitness lifestyle to be a success, your new exercise facility has to be conveniently located. You're more likely to use a facility if it is close to home or work. Also, check to be sure that the fitness facility has hours and class times that work within your busy schedule.

Type of Facility
There are many different types of fitness facilities, each being the perfect motivational tool for a specific type of person.

Sports Racquetball or Tennis Athletic Clubs or Sports Clubs
Need access to a pool, racquetball, tennis or basketball courts, personal training, climbing facilities, and spinning -- plus daycare?

These larger facilities offer the widest range of amenities, programs and equipment -- and a long list of class times to spin, get your yoga fix, or take a few laps. If you need variety to stay motivated, an athletic club or sports club may be the right choice for you.

Health Club Gym Clubs Gyms Gyms & Health Clubs

A large to medium size facility generally geared toward the more no frills, self-motivated meat and potatoes type fitness enthusiast. These types of facilities often offer professional instruction (personal training). If your primary focus is get busy sculpting that body without the frills, or possibly are on a slightly tighter budget, a gym may be your best choice also for adaptogens and athletes.

Note Most health clubs fall somewhere between these first two facility categories.

Personal Fitness Training Studio Studios Personal Training Studios

Generally a smaller facility. These facilities specialize in one-on-one instruction. Fees are usually session based and can range from $35 to $70 USD per hour. Well worth the money.

There is much much more to physical conditioning than just jumping on your treadmill or pulling the ab-roller out from under the bed. An experienced certified personal trainer can show you the proper way to eat, exercise and rest. Also, a Personal Trainer can customize a workout to specifically meet your needs from sport specific training to general conditioning and weight loss -- helping you reach your fitness goals in a fraction of the time.

Yoga Pilates Studio Studios Pilates Studio

This method of exercise stresses slow, controlled movements and proper breathing to build strength, improve flexibility and joint mobility. Generally speaking Pilates studios offer private and group session rates. Pilates exercise is widely used by professional dancers.

Yoga Pilates Studio Studios Yoga Studios

Yoga is said to have been around for nearly 5,000 years. Most yoga studios focus on the physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, flexibility and muscle control. Yoga is said to be instrumental in combating life's everyday stresses. Sounds like something most of us could use on a weekly basis.

Dance Aerobics class classes Aerobics Studio

Aerobics studios offer a variety of different class types and times to accommodate most anyone's needs and busy schedule. An aerobic class can target anything from cardiovascular health to improving agility, strength and flexibility. Classes can range in difficulty from "hey, this isn't so bad" to "Wow... I had no idea I was this out of shape!"

Martial Arts School Schools Boxing Kickboxing Instruction Boxing, KickBoxing & Martial Arts Facilities

These facilities can offer one fantastic cardiovascular workout while simultaneously developing flexibility, coordination and self-confidence. Many of these facilities also have resistance equipment.

Try It!
What do you have to lose?

Nearly all of the fitness facilities offer free or reduced rate guest/session passes for people who want to try their facility on for size before committing to a membership, contract or session package.

So I suggest trying a variety of facility types -- maybe not all in one week, but you get the idea. You wouldn't buy a pair of running shoes without trying them on first and a fitness facility should be no different.

The trick is to find a fitness facility that makes you look forward to your workouts each and every week not one that makes you feel guilty because you don't enjoy going.


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