A List of Adaptogens a List of Great Equalizers

A list of adaptogens (plants with adaptogenic properties), many established by hundreds or thousands of years of use, are now beginning to prove themselves under modern medical scrutiny.

These traditional herbs studies show their many and far-reaching health benefits. it is best to urge customers to consult a medical professional before using some products containing adaptogens herbs.

Even though modern stress differs from those of the past, the body's reactions remain the same. Adaptogens may hold the key to living well and longer in the next century.

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Adaptogens have been used for centuries to improve health and help the body combat periods of stress, without the side effects of stimulants. Researchers have long studied the effect of stress on cell aging and telomeric DNA. In fact, several recent studies have suggested that better management of psychological stress may support more graceful aging. Adaptogens could be the key to beating stress, supporting healthier aging, and increasing

I have been taking a product for the last 25 years where to my surprise when I put this page together I found some Adoptegens herbs in this product.

However the name Adaptogens, honestly is a new word for me, well, here are some adaptogens herbs with just some basic information. later on, I will provide you with some links so you will learn as I did more about these fascinating herbs.

Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) Is considered a chi tonic--more specifically a tonic for the yang chi--in traditional Chinese medicine. Numerous studies support Asian ginseng's effectiveness at improving a person's ability to withstand stress, improve work performance and quality, and enhance mental function.This plant seems to be the number one on a list of Adaptogens.

Astragalus (Astragalus spp.) is one of the more famous tonic herbs from China. In traditional Chinese medicine it is said to tonify the blood and spleen and aid the defensive chi. Numerous studies show the herb enhances immune function by increasing natural killer cell activity, increasing T cell activity and enhancing macrophage activity in immune-compromised patients.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra and G. uralensis) , Is another popular herb in China, is said to tonify the spleen and strengthen chi. Licorice is perhaps the only herb claimed to benefit all 12 meridians in Chinese medicine. Rich in both saponins and flavonoids, it is anti-inflammatory. Licorice root also promotes or enhances immune system functioning.

A list of Adaptogens can very long due to the fact that we don't know much about them yet.

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