MultiLevel Marketing.

by Steven Chin- Jew
(Carlsbad. California)

To Order Call 1 800 565 6922

To Order Call 1 800 565 6922

My story started while I was working for the Fuller Brush company that I discovered MultiLevel

Marketing. Then back in l986, Joyce Patrick from Arcadia, California, introduced me to this Canadian Potassium Mineral Supplement Before I even tasted the product, I felt at peace reading some literature about the herbs in this preparation.

The next day I drove around and visited my customers and friends to ask their opinion about this product. Instead of feedback, they all asked me for a bottle of the Canadian Potassium Mineral Supplement .

Within 20 days, I had personally retailed 12 cases of this product. The product was going out quicker than I could keep it in stock, and I have had inventory challenges ever since.

When the company began a retail contest in December of 1986, I got excited. I believe in retailing, and I quickly led the company by selling l00 bottles that month. For this the company send me an additional Retail Bonus of $l,337.32. Plus I already made a retail profit of $1,200.00.

Guess what, I received a total profit of $2,537.32 at a cost of only $4.63 per bottle.

In short, I do not want to forget to thank many of my hundreds and thousands of my down line Representatives and Customers for all these past 24 wonderful years.

Well...The Best Is Yet To Come...Since last year of 2009, my friend Ariel Betancourt and I have been working together, and feel fantastic and energetic each and everyday now.

I reached my 83th birthday Jan. 13, 20l3, I encourage everyone to use this Canadian Potassium Mineral Supplement on daily basis.

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