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Lets talk about us, our dreams and how we got into having our own web site and our own online business marketing opportunity.

Diana Ross said You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.

Network marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it has become a way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.

Stephen Covey, Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Nearly everyone has heard of Network Marketing. If someone hasn't heard of ‘Network Marketing’ then there is a very good chance that they may have bought a product from a Network Marketing Company without realizing that it was a Networking company!

Did you know that 144,000 people join Network Marketing every week?

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Lets talk about us, now, four years ago we decide to move to one of the most gorgeous part of Canada called Mansonville in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Click Here To See Some Pictures just a few minutes from the Vermont area (USA)right in the country.

And we like it because is a very active community

At that time we were living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lets talk about us, my wife who is a real estate agent doing excellent,(she speaks three languages) and I have been working as a professional marketer since 1985 and I was doing very well in the network marketing industry.

And now doing 90% of my business on the internet. With a number one Mineral Supplement since 1985.

A lot of sales every day and suddenly I remember nothing. I was surprised and very disappointed, no sales, no money and to many bills to pay, not enough coming in. It does sound familiar to you?

Lets talk about us again. this is real story that`s when I realizes that is very important to become completely independent from everybody I began to look for ways to build and have my own web site

So I talked to a lot of people. Sure they said, "We can do it for you! It will be around $5.000 for the site plus a monthly fee depending on how many key words you want to use"

It can be around $500 to $1500.00 a month, all you need is use a few key words, write the content and we do the rest. So I ask them do you guarantee results? "Not really". Lets talk about us and tell you what happened after.

A few weeks later while reading the Montreal newspaper The Gazette I found an article that got my attention. It was exactly what I was looking for, an online business marketing opportunity called "Ken Evoy and SiteBuildIt".

If you are a networker just like me and would like to purchase or build the same kind of site please fill the contact us page.

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Lets talk about us again this It's not your ordinary web host where you pay your money and they leave you on your own scratching your head trying to decipher what to do next.

They take the fear out of the unknown by providing an action guide, design templates (no web developing experience necessary), and search engine ranking help. More importantly it even shows you how to make some extra money with your site.

Personally I think it is The Perfect Business MLM Online Opportunity, because the Internet and Network Marketing goes together hand in-glove, however Network Marketers have struggle to realize the full networking, lead generating potential of the web and the Internet should be the best thing since sliced bread for Network Marketers.

But it's being done all wrong, by all the wrong people. It starts at the top...

If your company is still stuck in the "analog, old-world model"...

and if your upline fails to grasp the lessons in plain sight right here...

What chance do you have?

Honestly,... not much! I believed Network Marketing is "made for the Net." The Net and NETwork Marketing is a match made in heaven. "InterNETwork Marketing" can be be a huge success for our industry for those who are willing to learn, it is not easy but the rewards are huge.

it is a win-win situation and one of the things I like the most, there's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects. family members, friends) when you can motivate potential customers and business-builders to pull (i.e., they want to call you to learn more and know how come you are getting so many customers and new distributors?).

I have been in this industry for over 25 years and when you combine an Experienced Network Marketer like yourself with Site Build It You will get a Fantastic Online MLM Business just like mine.

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Even though all the information on my site and in this page lets talk about us and cleanse yourself and lose weight is completely free, SBI has showed me how to earn a profit with Google ads and other affiliate programs.


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As for the money in this lets talk about us page, Google has a program called Adsense, and it allows you to help them advertise by placing text ads on your pages. You may have seen them while browsing the internet.

Every time someone clicks an ad and visits one of the advertiser's sites, you earn revenue because Google pays you a share of what the advertisers pay them for that particular ad.

About that! It Is fantastic and you know what I like the most? it`s match your page content and in this lets talk about us page it does the same! WOW!!and guess what? People love it and me too!.

One of the things SBI helps me with. It showed me how to build pages that rank high in the major engines so I can get as much free traffic as possible. Lets talk about us again, what we do today is giving us a sense of security, you have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning. You should try it. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't use it myself. My advice is to do what I did and pick a topic that you have a personal interest in.

My personal interest in this web site is to teach about nutritional cleansing, detox, weight loss, marketing, direct selling, now lets talk about us my beautiful wife who, by the way is a real estate agent,her name is Ondina de Acapulco, even her name is also beautiful, but what I love the best is to be able to work from home and also to have freedom to just name a few.

That reminds me something that I read a few years ago from Joe Girard:The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time". SBI people build success one block at the time.

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Lets talk about us one more time. Every time you present this site to somebody and that person signs up you get some money and also when they renew. That`s remind me an old saying " When the student will be ready the teacher will appear." Are You Ready?????????????? Hey.......... this also a good one, by the way it is a book called " Even Eagles Are Afraid to Fly."

Any questions regarding Site Sell or are you ready to order please use the the contact us page. In this online business marketing opportunity you do as you please after all is your business. Here is a free rapport that`s helping my MLM business online to grow. Click here to have instant access: To the infamous 35 page report that's been called "the most controversial book in the MLM Industry.

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